Wiimote LoopMachine Proof-of-Concept MP3

The Wii LoopMachine is a homebrew system that uses Nintendo’s casual-gaming innovations for music-making. One thing that’s especially remarkable about the LoopMachine is that the Wii console itself is not the object of the software’s action. You don’t need a Wii to use LoopMachine. You only need the Wiimote (pictured at left), which costs about one fifth the price of a Wii. To hear the LoopMachine in action, check out the noisy improv of “Illness Is A-Way” (available as an archived MP3: ZIP), in which saw effects, finger-snap percussion, and glottal voicing combine for an experimental outing.

More details at archive.org, where the file was made public, and at the LoopMachine’s website, theamazingrolo.net.

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