Diego Bernal’s Old-School Hip-Hop MP3s

Nineteen tasty tracks built from snatches of melodrama and semi-forgotten pop make up For Corners, a new album from San Antonio, Texas-based Diego Bernal. This is truly old-school hip-hop, with loops shorter than a goldfish’s memory, and beats as taut as a piano wire. Much of it is crowd-pleasing party music, like the reconstituted disco of “Velcro Flow” (MP3) and the cop-show braggadocio of “Bring It On Home” (MP3).

But there’s plenty of subtlety here, like the swelling soul of “Fat Sal” (MP3), which brings to mind Luke Vibert’s Throbbing Pouch (recorded as Wagon Christ), and the ’80s b-boy celebration that is “MC Rakim Cool Kane and the DJ Furious Boyz Crew” (MP3), the title for which suggests much of the source material. Get the full set at antipop.net. More on Bernal at myspace.com/diegobernalmusic.

“Bring It On Home” was released earlier as a single, featuring a giddy virtual B-side remix by Mexicans With Guns, and available for free download (via a nifty Flash-based interface) at exponential.bandcamp.com.

PS: I’m testing a little audio plugin (see below), which allows for playing the MP3 files within a given post. Many readers have requested such a thing over the years, and this is an attempt to do it somewhat elegantly. It isn’t a perfect solution, as the plugin only works with MP3s, and I occasionally link to WAV files, to FLACs, etc. If you have any thoughts on the implementation, lemme know at [email protected]. I’m going to leave the MP3s links in the articles, because I’m more of a “downloader” than I am a “streamer,” though I do appreciate the opportunity to read and listen at the same time.

[audio:http://www.antipop.net/audio/ForCorners/17.mp3|titles=”Velcro Flow”|artists=Diego Bernal] [audio:http://www.antipop.net/audio/ForCorners/03.mp3|titles=”Bring It On Home”|artists=Diego Bernal] [audio:http://www.antipop.net/audio/ForCorners/07.mp3|titles=”Fat Sal”|artists=Diego Bernal] [audio:http://www.antipop.net/audio/ForCorners/13.mp3|titles=“MC Rakim Cool Kane and the DJ Furious Boyz Crew”|artists=Diego Bernal]

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