DJ /Rupture Reworks Langston Hughes (MP3)

The New York radio station WNYC invited various musicians to rework Langston Hughes‘s poem Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz, among them the prolific DJ /rupture (born Jace Clayton), whose “Is It True?” (MP3) takes a recorded version and puts it through voice-tweaking technology that speeds up the spoken word, even as the music veers deep into the downtempo.

[audio:|titles=”Is It True?”|artists=Langston Hughes & DJ /rupture]

No doubt Rupture — who is a conceptualist remixer at heart — was tempted by the Hughes poem’s investigation of recorded sound:

    From the shadows of the quarter Shouts are whispers carrying To the fartherest corners sometimes Of the now known world Undeciphered and unlettered Uncodified unparsed In tongues unanalyzed unechoed Untaken down on tape— Not even Folkways captured By Moe Asch or Alan Lomax Not yet on safari. … And the whispers are unechoed On the tapes—not even Folkways.

More on the project at, and on Rupture at

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