More of Taylor Deupree’s “One Sound Each Day” MP3s

A handful more of recent “One Sound Each Day” posts from New York”“based Taylor Deupree. March 11 brought one listed as “outside on a beautiful day, though the track opens with the sound of a distant airplane that could, in a dark mood, resemble a bomb slowly falling (MP3). On March 8 Deupree took a brief break from field recordings of the semi-natural environment, and allowed himself a little electronic action, putting a synthesizer through a delay loop (MP3). Also, some excellent radio-signal gibberish from a cab service (MP3) on March 6; writes Deupree: “this is the sound of the CB/relay system that the drivers use to communicate with their home base. i assume they know what it all means…”

[audio:|titles=”March 11″|artists=Taylor Deupree] [audio:|titles=”March 8″|artists=Taylor Deupree] [audio:|titles=”March 6″|artists=Taylor Deupree]

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