Sound Journal by Justin Hardison (MP3s)

The head of 12k records, Taylor Deupree, isn’t the only person this year running a series of found sounds (see and Justin Hardison (aka My Fun) has been publishing a “sound journal” on his blog, true to his interest in “finding beauty in the everyday sounds and the pleasure in slowness.”

Among the most recent is a recording of an apartment (MP3), which he did as part of a call-for-entries by sound-artist o.blaat (details at — due date is tomorrow, April 3) and a tape made near Hawk Mountain, in the Appalachians of Pennsylvania (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”The Apartment (2)”|artists=My Fun] [audio:|titles=”Hawk Mountain”|artists=My Fun]

Together, the tracks are study in contrast: inside versus outside, music in the background versus birdsong, human presence versus its (relative) absence, the presence of technology and its (again, relative) absence, and so on.

More at Hardison’s site.

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