Homebrew 8bit 3D-sound MP3

It’s always worth keeping an eye, and ear, on what Christopher Abad is up to at twentygoto10.com. He’s always tinkering with homebrew software and tech, building rudimentary audio tools, programming them, and posting his results for general consumption.

Abad has an arcade-era aesthetic, dating to when electronic music was limited by processing power, memory, and language. Even in our current era of terabyte hard drives and cloud computing, Abad abides by lo-fi techniques. In no way, though, does that make his work simple.

His latest experiment is in 3D spatialization of audio, an example of which sounds like your head is stuck in the middle of an old Mario Bros. console as a mid-tempo blippy rhythm circles around you (MP3).

[audio:http://www.the-mathclub.net/demos/3daudio.mp3|titles=3D-sound simulation|artists=Christopher Abad]

Writes Abad of his experiment:

    “I came up with some basic demo that models sound in a fake 3d environment. I primarily modeled it with what i know from physics and sound and I also came up with some arbitrary transform for the phenomenon known as head shadow where sound on the opposite side of the head as the source is attenuated based on frequency, pretty simple concept.”

Read the full post (and access Abad’s source code) at twentygoto10.com.

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