MMtm’s Surreal Madrid 3-Track (MP3s)

There’s much to ponder in MMtm‘s three-track Chant of the Booster, the latest from the Surreal Madrid netlabel. There’s the opening track, “Brew Ha Ha!” (MP3), which is all video-game noises stretched to the breaking point, like a handful of dying Centipedes crying out at once — not to mention the way the closing track, “Activating Solenoids,” moves between blurbly bass and snippets of spoken audio as if that’s the most natural way to spend time at one’s mixing deck (MP3).

But the keeper is the rhythmic title cut, which opens with rubbery cadences that might have been tapped out on upturned buckets, before it dives deep into glossy half-speed techno (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Brew Ha Ha!”|artists=MMtm] [audio:|titles=”Chant of the Booster”|artists=MMtm] [audio:|titles=”Activating Solenoids”|artists=MMtm]

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