Live Noise from Fognozzle (MP3)

The catastrophic noise that was a 2008 performance by Fognozzle, heard below, came to me thanks to a theremin-playing cat.

Seriously. I’d posted a brief mention of the cat-playing-theremin video phenomenon on Twitter (video:; post: and received, rather quickly, a response via Twitter from Fognozzle.

I followed Fognozzle’s Twitter page through to, where the most recent freely downloadable recording is a 15-minute track recorded in San Francisco as part of the Godawffle Noise Pancakes concert series ( The performance is a threaded sequence of rumbling segments, all squall and rattle and magnificent full-throttle whirring, that sounds like a sci-fi gearhead fiddling in his garage, which arguably is what it is (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Live at Godawffle Noise Pancakes”|artists=Fognozzle]

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