Stephen Vitiello / Andrew Deutsch Installation Score MP3

Up on Stephen Vitiello‘s website is a segment of a score he created for an installation currently on view at the Warehouse Gallery in Syracuse, New York. The show is titled Sound Scores: Paper, Wood, Stone and Glass, and it’s a collaboration between Vitiello and Andrew Deutsch. In this excerpt, a rung bell keeps the very slow pace, while all manner of wheezy and delicate sounds follow one another (MP3). All the sonic materials are sourced from found-object sculptures constructed by Deutsch.

[audio: |titles=”Shifting or Sifting (bells, bowls and bits of glass)”|artists=Stephen Vitiello and Andrew Deutsch]

More information at, from which the image below is borrowed. The show runs from April 2 through June 6. More on Vitiello (right) at, and on Deutsch (left) at

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