Microsonic MP3 from [neuma]

Mourning Star is a single-song release by [neuma], but that single song is intended to be heard in three parts. The song/album’s cover divides it into exact sections, the timing down to the 100ths of a second. Part one ends at 4:01,394 and part two at 8:06,318. The full length is a little over 10 and a half minutes — 10:03,111, to be precise. The song is an exercise is atmospheric microsonics. It opens with quiet noise, before adding a thread of rudimentary knocking, less a rhythm than a pounding, and then fading in some synthesized tones, before the whole thing fades out like a dying radio signal (MP3).

[audio:http://biodata.microbiorecords.net/b_23/%5bneuma%5d%20-%20Mourning%20star.mp3|titles=”Mourning Star”|artists=neuma]

What’s remarkable is that the transitions in no way threaten the piece’s internal consistency; each change is a step forward, not a step aside. In the end, the triptych is a matter of noise, beats, and tones — the holy trinity of contemporary experimental electronic music. More info at the releasing netlabel, biodata.microbiorecords.net.

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