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As of today, this site will automatically post on Sunday afternoon the posts I’ve made during the past week at It won’t do all of them — not personal “direct” Twitter posts, nor (at least for the time being) posts that are intended as public direct replies to (or public direct posts aimed at) individuals (those would be the ones that open with an @ sign). And for an ongoing attempt to collate ambient/electronica-related (and sound-art) Twitter accounts check out this post:

  • Dang. Biz Markie ! is playing at the 1st anniversary of Hard Knox, blocks from my house on Thursday, and I’ve got a ticket to Jews on Vinyl. #
  • I rarely sign Internet petitions. Google Android discussions are less petitions than tallies. Support external keyboards: #
  • Sunday morning sonic singularity: laptop purring not wheezing, birds outside tweeting not shouting, fridge in momentary quiet mode, no cars. #
  • I have a sound-art piece @Crewest Gallery (in Los Angeles). Closing party is tonight (Saturday, April 25). More info: #
  • Gym music: recent Metallica, again — and stuff from unfamiliar netlabels. #
  • Saturday morning sounds: laptop fan, fridge hum, distant cars, a bird that may think it’s Thom Yorke. #
  • Pondering: Duplicity on small screen, old Soderbergh on smaller, San Rafael for pizza, extended trumpet in Oakland… What to do tonight? #
  • Wiped last night, and only made it through half of Throbbing Gristle, but it was great. (Genesis P-orridge has become Marianne Faithfull.) #
  • #followfriday: Portugal netlabel @pedroleitao; music crit @gsandow; NYC art-song @dargel; laptop-guitar @willits; “Radio” killer @trevorhorn #
  • Spending too much time with my Nintendo DSi fiddling with instrumental of the Timbaland/Danja-produced Xzibit track “Hey Now (Mean Muggin).” #
  • For folks interested in Steve Reich’s Pulitzer-winning Double Sextet, here’s video of eighth blackbird recording it: #
  • DSi first impressions: embedded sound tools = insanely cool. I taped the bus on the ride home, and turned it into a whistle. Much potential. #
  • Steve Reich wins the Pulitzer: Don Byron and Harold Meltzer were runners-up. #
  • Four days until Throbbing Gristle at Grand Ballroom in San Francisco. After Cluster & now TG, what’s my next “band I never thought I’d see”? #

PS: The Trevor Horn entry above has since been learned to not be by Trevor Horn himself, but by a parodist.

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