Hildegard Westerkamp / Roy Kiyooka MP3

Last year, Hildegard Westerkamp joined several other artists in investigating the work and life of Canadian art figure Roy Kiyooka. For her piece, Westerkamp created a sound collage, 15 minutes long, that puts Kiyooka’s own words in various contexts, some literal, some documentarian, some representative, some abstract. In the five-minute excerpt at her website, sfu.ca/~westerka, one hears at times his voice plainly stated, and at other with electronic effects that emphasize certain points, as well as various real-world sounds, including other voices, that comment on or illustrate his thoughts and thought processes. For example, when Kiyooka recalls speaking to his mother in Japanese, voices in Japanese appear quietly in the background — a word that plays an important role as the work, titled MotherVoiceTalk, unfolds.

[audio:http://www.sfu.ca/~westerka/assets/mp3s/mothervoiceexcerpt2.mp3|titles=”MotherVoiceTalk”|artists=Hildegard Westerkamp]

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