Michael Raphael’s Brooklyn Audio Documents (MP3s)

Michael Raphael moved from the midwest to Brooklyn recently, an event he described as a “homecoming of sorts.” He commemorated his first weekend in his adoptive borough with a pair of field recordings. Both were recorded in the same spot, in the window of his new living room, but at different times: one at 5:00pm (MP3) on a Saturday night (May 9, if you’re time-stamping as well as geo-coding your downloaded MP3 files), and the second 12 hours later (MP3). One before sunset, the other before sunrise. One rife with human activity (children, and ice-cream truck), one relatively bereft. More details at his blog, sepulchra.com.

[audio:http://sepulchra.com/blog/wp-content/pod/2009/05/090510brooklynpm.mp3|titles=”Brooklyn Landing PM”|artists=Michael Raphael] [audio:http://sepulchra.com/blog/wp-content/pod/2009/05/090510brooklynam.mp3|titles=”Brooklyn Landing AM”|artists=Michael Raphael]

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