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  • Crud. Did I totally miss Jim Jarmusch’s Limits of Control? It doesn’t appear to be playing anywhere in or near San Francisco any longer. #
  • Saturday morning sounds: whirring laptop fan means laptop is dying means much file-transfer effort ahead this weekend. #
  • New Cliff Martinez film score! ‘In the Beginning’ (‘A l’origine’). Review isn’t high on the music: But I’m eager to see. #
  • If you Twitter, it’s #followfriday: new-music ensemble @eighthblackbird; Throbbing Gristle’s @chris_carter_; netlabel @stasisfield. #
  • Got a new “MP3 Discussion Group” together for next week. Should be good. #
  • Some of my favorite proto-“math rock”: the opening of “Superstition.” The bar’s playing what sounds like, maybe, Stanley Jordan doing it. #
  • Freaking HP laptop is dying. That moaning fan meant something. Any recommendations for actually quiet Windows PC, laptop or desktop? #
  • RIP, David Ireland. #
  • Last day of Disquiet group-yap on Burial/Four Tet 2-song release, “Moth”/”Wolf Cub”: Today: lo-tech & willful scarcity. #
  • Bought ticket to Mason Bates San Francisco Symphony tomorrow. Paid 25% service fee, to hold the ticket at will call. Great start to evening. #
  • Feeling Web 2.0. feeds my tangents/bookmarks. Digging Twitter. Hosting Burial/4Tet discussion @ #
  • The temperature dropped 35 degree since this afternoon, and now the foghorns are out in force. #
  • Catching up transcribing musician interviews. Express Scribe is great stop/start software. CallGraph records Skype calls. Both are free. #
  • Great old video of Pete Rock at work: “It’s like a jigsaw puzzle when you’re making a song: #
  • 18 is the number of J Dilla production credits since he passed away, in February 2006: #
  • Enjoyed disconnect y’day afternoon, watching @rhawtin display tracks he was DJing across the globe, while I celebrated a kid’s 5th birthday. #
  • Gym music: recent Jon Hassell, then old Metallica, Buckcherry, Alec Empire, Rage Against the (Nautilus) Machine #
  • Best sound yesterday: six kids at a five-year-old’s birthday party, all squawking on little paper horns, like a junior John Zorn brigade. #
  • Sunday morning sounds: fridge humming along, typing from across the house, laptop set to stun. No birds, no cars: Bay to Breakers to blame? #

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