Tangents: Remix Thesis, Museum Music, 8-Bit, …

Recommended reading, news, and so forth elsewhere:

New Online Remix Community, and Its Founder’s Thesis (remixin.com): One initial impression: in a neat act of playing egg'n'chicken, on the remixin.com website's navigation bar, the "Remixes" category precedes the "Songs" category. Gotta appreciate a user-interface that’s that philosophically grounded. The website's founder, John Arroyo, has a master's degree in electro-acoustic music (from Dartmouth), and his thesis ("Evolving the Remix," PDF, detail below) reads like a template for remixin.com. Its emphasis is on "iterative," or multi-generational, remixes.

Aukland Museum Invites Musicians to Score Its Collections (aucklandmuseum.com): The Aukland Museum brought in composer-performers to produce original music for the institution’s major exhibit spaces. Samples of each of the tracks are available online. Participants include Tiki Taane, Tim Coster, Don McGlashan, Richard Francis, Rachel Shearer, Phil Dadson, Chris Adams, Rosy Parlane, and Nathan Haines. (Via newmusicstrategies.com.)

Call for Submissions: Only 8-Bitters Need Apply (offworld.com): Aspiring, self-restricting, retro-minded computer musicians, take note: the boingboing.net video-game hub offworld.com has a call out to 8-bit composers to help put together a score for some vintage, but currently silent, footage of "an anonymous Atari Computer Camp excursion." Me, I never attended an Atari camp. Trying to remember if there was a TRS-80 equivalent at the time… (Via synthtopia.com.)

Grey Market: Scott Tuma and Mike Weis "On Cox" (radiofreechicago.typepad.com): A link to the eminently attenuated folktronic track "On Cox", off the limited edition album Taradiddle by Scott Tuma (Souled American, Boxhead Ensemble) and Mike Weis (Zelienople): MP3. According to the releasing label, digitalisindustries.com, its run of 300, vinyl-only copies is sold out.

Among the Subjects at August’s Edinburgh Interactive Festival: "Sound-Only Games" (edinburghinteractivefestival.com, via music4games.net)

Over a Dozen Artists to Lead June 7 Public "Soundwalks" in New York City (issueprojectroom.org)

Toronto’s Contact Ensemble Plays Brian Eno‘s ‘Discreet Music’ (villagevoice.com)

Today, May 23, Is Radiophonic Creation Day (shakerattleroll.org)

More online resources at disquiet.com/elsewhere.

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