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1.5-Hour Sun Ra v. Hip-Hop MP3 Megamix

Been wondering when you might get your hands on an hour-and-half mix of hip-hop producers cut’n’pasting old Sun Ra records. Sure you have. Well, such a glorious thing is available now, for free download, courtesy of the instrumental-hip-hop mavens at Sun Ra, progenitor of outer-space jazz and free-rein collective improvisation, is both a fitting and challenging subject for remixing — fitting, in that his work was groove-heavy, rich in sonic touches, and a natural subject for producers who fancy themselves crate diggers, sifting through cultural detritus in search of lost grooves; challenging, in that his work, like his life, had relatively little formal structure, and thus the mechanical beat of hip-hop has to make peace with tempos that give and take. The producers here do their best, on a voluminous number of tracks, as the following set list attests:

    Electric Egypt “the invisible spectrum” ”¢ Ras_G “jouful noise!!!” ”¢ Space Monk “hello sun ra” ”¢ Afro Bluu “all systems go” ”¢ SoulJim “sun ra beat” ”¢ Ichiro “mori” ”¢ Movementss “cosmos” ”¢ Powell “popcorn contact” ”¢ Skipless “sometimes the universe speech” ”¢ Samon Kawamura “antique black” ”¢ Sauce “travel” ”¢ SK.ILL “5:49 in the a.m.” ”¢ Blak Maul “china gate” ”¢ Space Monk “majestic waves” ”¢ Stevo “into the sun” ”¢ Sudan Life “what i learned from le sony’r” ”¢ Elaquent “calling planet earth” ”¢ The Billion Dollar Quartet “sun ra project” ”¢ Cozmos “one for the sun” ”¢ Infinite Potentials “not like planet earth” ”¢ SK.ILL “graveyard planet” ”¢ -G-R-A-D-E- “summer in paris ”¢ Ravage Beats 2012 sun ra 2012 mix” ”¢ Don Bo “anhk” ”¢ Blunted Monks “lars vertoht de sun ra et” ”¢ Samon Kawamura “imagination” ”¢ Soul Kid “shine like the sun” ”¢ SoulJim “Moon Shoes” ”¢ -G-R-A-D-E- “bad character” ”¢ Dank Grooves “the final sun” ”¢ Jomac “sun rawness” ”¢ The Samurai “i am sun ra” ”¢ Depakote “one for the sun” ”¢ Sun Ra “space is the place (Live)

The full set is available as a Zip archive from two different URLs currently:, It comes as one single, lengthy MP3, which makes coordinating tracks with the above list somewhat complicated — but of course, if it weren’t somewhat messy and confusing, it really would be true to Sun Ra. (Credit is due to, which first tipped off Rhythm Incursions about the existence of this collection.)

By Marc Weidenbaum

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  1. sdk
    [ Posted May 28, 2009, at 9:16 pm ]

    awesome :-) thx for this heads up!

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