Taylor Deupree: Daily-Sounds Suite (MP3s)

The daily-sounds project of Taylor Deupree continues to unfold at 12k.com/onesoundeachday, ranging from everyday noise to brief studio excerpts. While the entries are fascinating on their own, they’re especially enjoyable in sets, working as short suites of related, or opposed, material. This selection of a half dozen recent entries is placed here as a single, steaming sequence, running through six real-world field recordings, with a penultimate pause for a synthesized concoction: Grand Central Station (MP3), outside a grocery store (MP3), 42nd Steet (MP3), “scraping an old propane tank” (MP3), “a held chord from a Hartmann Neuron synthesizer” (MP3), “the recorder and binaural mics closed into the refrigerator” (MP3).

[audio:http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/may/may_19_2009.mp3,http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/may/may_17_2009.mp3,http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/may/may_16_2009.mp3,http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/may/may_14_2009.mp3,http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/may/may_13_2009.mp3,http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/may/may_12_2009.mp3|titles=””NY NY around 11pm”,”Pound Ridge NY approx. 5:34pm”,”New York NY approx. 3:30pm”,”Pound Ridge NY around noon”,”Pound Ridge NY 10:20am”,”Pound Ridge NY 10:50pm”|artists=Taylor Deupree,Taylor Deupree,Taylor Deupree,Taylor Deupree,Taylor Deupree,Taylor Deupree]

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