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  • As always, packing for a trip is as digital as it is physical — photos, notes, tunes, ebooks. I must get my data cloud in gear… #
  • 48 hours til London, not counting flight, of course. … Last time I was there, it was to interview Depeche Mode. Saw Billy Childish, too. #
  • Thanks for London-sound tips for trip next week. Mostly business, but some evening & day pleasure breaks. @mapsadaisical @eleventhvolume #
  • London next week. I get there Monday (June 1) and head back to San Francisco on Saturday (June 6). Anything sound-ish going on, lemme know. #
  • Hosting great Jon Hassell discussion with @eleventhvolume, @richard_kadrey & others: … What artist & album to do next? #
  • Good way to start day: Android phone auto-upgraded to new (“Cupcake”) operating system build. Weird it doesn’t come with “what’s new” note. #
  • There are now not four but five Burmese restaurants in my neighborhood. I love San Francisco. #
  • Good music week in San Francisco: Galindo tonight, Compound show Tuesday, Lx Rudis on Thursday, Illuminated Corridor on Saturday… #
  • Man, under the wire. Finished transferring files from main computer yesterday. As of a routine program upgrade this morning, it won’t boot. #
  • Jon Hassell: “I think the key word there is atmosphere…. If you’re not conjuring up a place, it is not doing the trick.” #
  • Jon Hassell: “If you think of music as horizontal, being melody, and vertical, being harmony, I think of what I do as diagonal.” #
  • Many exhibit and performance notes to post. May go into staccato mode at for awhile. #
  • Sunday morning sounds: distinctly Peruvian accent to belly rumbles, plus ticking of laptop fan that is Morse code for “transfer your files.” #

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