Durán Vázquez’s Terror Film for Radio (MP3)

Thinking of radio, Durán Vázquez seems to have thought of the uninvited — the sounds, news, noise, and thoughts that enter our lives. For a 2008 work for the RadiaLX radio festival, he took as his source, film and news souces, including Zeitgeist by Peter Joseph (2007), Imprint by Takashi Miike (2006), Le Monde Selon Bush by William Karel (2004), Hellraiser by Clive Barker (1987), and Rosemary’s Baby by Roman Polanski (1968). Those sounds, mixed with English and Spanish repoting on war and terror, reveal the fantastical fears that underlie everyday concerns — more to the point, the exaggerated anxiety that underlies the modern sense of constant warfare. More details on his “Terror Film for Radio” (MP3) at cronicaelectronica.org.

[audio:http://download.cronicaelectronica.org/cronicast047.mp3|titles=”Terror Film for Radio”|artists=Durán Vázquez]

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