1:15 of Heavenly Reverberants by Oo-Ray (MP3)

The latest free download from Oo-Ray (aka ambient-leaning, feedback-laden, shoegazing, halo-burnishing cellist Ted Laderas) is a heavenly slice of repeatedly cycling strings and voice. It’s just over a minute long, but with its taut, plaintive line, and the rapidly scintillating fuzz of its instrumental bed, it’s an eminently loopable bit of background haze.

The file was first uploaded to Laderas’s 15people.net website. It is served via the Soundcloud service, which doesn’t allow me to place the file in the standard Disquiet audio player, but does provide its own embeddable version:

The brief write-up refers to the piece as pixelated guitar, so perhaps for once Laderas has put aside his trademark cello, but more likely he’s just describing the suggestive sonic end result of his thick, ambiguous, resonant processing. (Full disclosure: I wrote the liner notes to Laderas’s recent Luvsound release — see luvsound.orgMagnifications.)

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