Top 10 Posts from May

The relative popularity of the top 10 posts of May 2009 was fairly close, but it’s fascinating (at least to me) that tied for the most popular was (1) a list of recent Twitter posts from my account. They’re collected automatically each Saturday afternoon, and I set up the system purely for the sake of completion (i.e., compiling those one-off, 140-character-tops posts here).

Tied with it for popularity was (2) the second of two “MP3 Discussion Group” get-togethers I hosted this month, the one on John Hassell‘s recent album Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street. (The other discussion was on the recent Burial/Four Tet 12″, but it didn’t make the top 10.)

Four of the site’s week-daily MP3 recommendations made the top 10: (3) a 1.5-hour mix of hip-hop renderings of Sun Ra pieces, (4) a DJ /rupture track created for the magazine Esopus, (5) some noise improv MP3s from China, and (this makes me especially happy, because I love this song) a (6) splendid folktronic gem by UV (aka Matthew Stenning).

That leaves four field-notes news reports (in addition to that Twitter one, up top) to round it out: (7) one collecting Richie Hawtin‘s Twitter DJing, news on Nam Jun Paik, and Cory Doctorow‘s excellent definition of “geek”; (8) one on a remix-thesis-turned-website and museum music; (9) a bit about a Raster-Noton exhibit in Manhattan; and (10) a Wacky Packs take on Grand Theft Auto.

I’m typing this from London, where I’ll be through the week. It’s almost 11am here, and it’s almost 3am back home in San Francisco.

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