Jakob Newman’s Buddha Machine Mix (MP3)

There’s a new Buddha Machine remix, this one an hour-plus run through samples from version 1.0 (not 2.0, as originally stated — see correction below, courtesy of Newman) of the FM3-developed sound-art gadget. Produced by Jakob Newman, it’s a roiling meld of the Buddha Machine’s trademark loops — all rough-hewn recordings of reverberant strings and less recognizable sounds — that is among the most maximalist reuses of the device to date. Newman resists the machine’s inherently meditative flavor, emphasizing instead a thick white noise and heavily echoed depth that, in effect, sounds loud even at low volume levels.

[audio:http://ia301511.us.archive.org/2/items/earman079/01-BuddhaMachine.mp3|titles=”Buddha Machines”|artists=Jakob Newman]

More on Newman at capturedspace.org. Get the full release, including CD-ready art, at archive.org. The piece was released by the earthmantra.com netlabel.

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