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  • Really dug Moon movie. Sam Rockwell is great in captivity. And Clint Mansell's score, while among his least atmospheric, functions well. #
  • Morning sounds: floors creaking, dishes rattling, laptop humming, bus passing. #
  • RIP, Ali Akbar Khan (b. 1922), sarod genius & jazz-raga fomenter. #
  • Have tickets to new film The Moon tonight — looking forward to lo-key science fiction mode, but all the more so to new Clint Mansell score. #
  • Morning sounds: fridge, distant electric toothbrush (like a didjeridu), baby-squeal next door, occasional bus (house rattle & machine hum). #
  • #followfriday on Twitter: sound-ists @soundwalkdotcom & archivists @footage plus sampling musicians @thegrassyknoll & @whyarcka #
  • Evening sounds: distant typing and paper-shuffling, plane overhead, neighbor's laundry, laptop fan (healthy), car passing. #
  • It's clea that the "r" key on this keyboad is no longe woking. I've had this thing since 1996. Hope new compute aives soon. #
  • Just finished the sixth Parker novel, The Jugger, just in time for the latest episode of Burn Notice. It's a hard-boiled life, vicariously. #
  • Tonight, neighbor's SOMA photo exhibit. Maybe Dinosaur Jr exhibit? Is there a better "all art openings" listing in SF than 96 Hours? #
  • Starting next Monday I'll be in a gang discussing Dave Hickey's art-theory book The Invisible Dragon at Molly Sheridan's #
  • RIP, Bob Bogle (b. 1934) of the Ventures, kings of instrumental rock & theme-song goodness: #
  • Sign behind the bar last night: "No Web Site." #
  • Drinking a Michelada in a glass goblet from Liuzza's. Listening to various DJ Mark the 45 King instrumentals, some though my Korg Kaoss Pad. #
  • Can't wait for Sunday in Oakland: Joe Colley (who reminded me), Beth Custer, Dimuzio/Wobbly, Kent Sparling, Vorticella… #
  • Gym music: the new Kronos: Floodplain. "Oh Mother, the Handsome Man Tortures Me" (rocks as hard as anything on the recent Metallica). #
  • Listening to vinyl of Clash's London Calling. Reminded of added aural element, when a tiny, tinny version of the LP emanates from needle. #
  • Sunday morning sounds: laptop fan, ear buzz, footsteps, a few birds (some motion, some singing), not a single car or bus for last half hour. #

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