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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Past Week at

  • Afternoon: sound-art installation at Berkeley Art Museum. Tonight, Mose Allison and Bob (Schoolhouse Rock) Dorough. #
  • Morning sounds: shower, fridge, coughing (visiting Mom, in guest room). And (I'm happy to note) my old laptop's louder than my new desktop. #
  • Saw Edward Albee's At Home at the Zoo at ACT SF. Really solid, especially how two one-act plays written so far apart fit together so well. #
  • New desktop computer set up. New high-pitched electronic whine has entered my personal soundscape. #
  • My dad (age 74) is wired for sound. His dual Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids pick up his cellphone and his MP3 player. My dad is a cyborg. #
  • Looking forward to new Michael Mann film, Public Enemies, especially to hear how he maps his minimal-techno fixations onto the Depression. #
  • Dang. The guy from is in San Francisco tomorrow night, and … so are my parents. #
  • It's been a day of dub, experiencing what entering "King Tubby" into Pandora and LastFM yield. #
  • Previous post from final chapter of seventh Parker novel, which I just read. Scene takes place with no dialog, save anti-hero's thoughts. #
  • "The silence after the crash and clatter seemed to hum with emptiness. Parker moved more slowly, listening, listening through the silence." #
  • Having a glass of Laphroaig. As with most great whisky, its name could easily be mistaken for the title to an Autechre track. #
  • Easily spent 45 minutes today working to a single synth vamp, a minimal line from a 15-track Tony Allen afrobeat song: #
  • Reportedly this mix — — is by Beck. It's something: out jazz, Allen Ginsberg, beatcraft, 8bit madness RT @1000DIGIKI #
  • Digging free @thegrassyknoll iPod app. Wondering/worrying if Apple's app success supports DRM. Would easily copied apps sell less or more? #
  • Morning sounds: shower ahead, footsteps to right, fridge to left, speakers (playing Tony Allen) behind. All save the speakers through walls. #
  • Listening at length to iPod Touch apps: Bloom, Buddha Machine (odd not to hear tinny speaker quality), TonePad (could use more variety). #
  • Planting coyote mint, listening to airplanes and hummingbirds. #
  • Not sure what sport is consuming patrons at 3 bars in listening vicinity of Rosamunde on Lower Haight, but the event-doppler is excellent. #
  • Morning sounds: laptop fan, plane overhead, ice cracking in coffee, bus passing, phone's sonar ping quietly noting arrival of an email. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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