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  • Making my "Mexican matzoh brei" for my visiting parents: 1/2 matzoh, 1/2 tortilla chips. Playing Mexican Sound System on living room stereo. #
  • RIP, George Perle (b. 1915), who among other things pushed for the posthumous completion of Alban Berg's opera Lulu: #
  • Morning sounds: new desktop fan/drive, fridge. And that is all. #
  • Play the @rhawtin Drinking Game: follow his DJ set on Twitter, guess the tracks in advance, and drink accordingly. I bet on … Alva Noto. #
  • If you Twitter it's #followfriday: sound artist @stephanmathieu & record retailer @aquariusrecords & essay-infused objets @significobs #
  • How to replace iTunes's cornball genre art: by @jochenWolters. A @flickr group of replacement images: #
  • RIP, Dani Banquet-Long, of the wonderful duo Celer. Just 26 years old. … RT @stephanmathieu #
  • Finished Parker novel 8. Love that thief Grofield, an aspiring actor, has film scores playing in his head. Wonder if he'd use an iPod today. #
  • My iPod's playing Transcriptions by @stephanmathieu & @taylordeupree & I'm thinking This I want to hear through speakers: #
  • Caught Public Enemies, by Michael Mann. There's sonic pleasure in the filigree spindles of freshly cut surveillance recording discs. #
  • Indian buffet lunch with @hecanjog and @mtothef — always great to put a face to the name behind a netlabel. … And to nibble tandoori. #
  • Transfer iPod Touch to new computer, and watch Touch applications (paid and, with one exception, free) disappear. This counts as seamless? #
  • Really pleased with new desktop (from Thinkmate). It's way quiet for a desktop, & super-fast. Will have it hooked up to second monitor soon. #
  • At the Schramsberg winery in Napa, the company's riddler, Ramon Viera, reportedly does his best bottle twirls to two beats: salsa and tango. #
  • Morning date with Ubuntu, not the operating system. #

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