Funked Up MP3 Mash by Y?Arcka

Ace out-hop Philly producer Y?Arcka has launched a little base of operations at Currently it features his late-2008 The Appreciation SP (more on that tasty bit of revisionist mixes previously on, including a fine reworking of an early Michael Jackson effort with the Jackson 5), and a brand new mixing he’s titled “Jungle Jammin’ (Hugh & Stevie).”

True to Y?Arcka’s mode, on the new “Jungle Jammin'” he takes tiny little segments of existing tracks and loops and stutters them until they take on new compositional properties. Skips become percussion, repetition comes to feel planned, snippets of vocals gain coded intensity, and the funk is all the more trenchant, a brittle, fragile funk that’s all about misdirection (MP3). It’s a tremendous track.

[audio:|titles=”Jungle Jammin’ (Hugh & Stevie)”|artists=Y?Arcka]

If the above stream or download link doesn’t work, check it out at

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