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  • Reformatting old hard drives from FAT 32 to NTFS, which every time I look at it seems to read "NSFW." #
  • Love Brian Eno/Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies, @Oblique_Chirps on Twitter, but "What would make this really successful?" seems unhelpful #
  • Morning sounds, far to near: traffic (whoosh), typing (percussive), fridge (hum), hard drive (whir), ice cubes (crackling). #
  • Make that: Steely Dan the Automatori Amos Deftones on Tail L Cool Jay ZZ Top #improbablebandcollaborations #
  • Pan Sonic Youth Brigade #improbablebandcollaborations #
  • Tori Amos Def #improbablebandcollaborations #
  • Ramen two nights in a row — not so shabby. Katana-ya's is, I think, the very best in San Francisco. #
  • Re-reading novel Down and Out by @doctorow in advance of Monday's discussion of Whuffie book by @missrogue #
  • if you're really lucky, while you walk down the street with @rjdj running on your iPod Touch, you'll come upon a trumpet-playing busker. #
  • There should be a movie whose score is simply a creative employment of @rjdj processing other sounds (dialog, foley) in the film. #
  • Of the 16 music-related apps on my iPod Touch, the one I use most is @rjdj, a set of realtime processes that turn the world into sound art. #
  • If you Twitter it's #followfriday: field-recordist Aaron @quiet Ximm & experimental collective @thecentrifuge & cartoonist @dylanhorrocks #
  • Just experimented with @hootsuite — allows scheduled Twitter posts. Neat, but I think I'll maintain the illusion this is all "realtime." #
  • Streaming-only new-classical music: Daniel Bernard Roumain (violin), DJ Scientific (laptop/CDs), Del Sol String Quartet: #
  • Former head of one of my favorite classical labels (CRI) wrote about state of record labels, & asked me about netlabels: #
  • RIP, Yellow Submarine illustrator Heinz Edelmann (b. 1934). I didn't know he'd taught one of my heroes, Christoph Niemann #
  • Really wishing there were Mac freeware like YamiPod that worked smoothly with the iPod Touch. Perhaps there is and I'm just not aware of it. #
  • Check out for free iPhone/Touch app from the label Ghostly. Full catalog streams, sorted by mood, tempo, etc. #
  • Afternoon sounds: old-style phone ring initiates moment, then voices below, typing ahead and behind, and the attenuated whir of the printer. #
  • Just noticed the Venetian Snares banner on the cubicle wall of the character McGee on the TV show NCIS. #
  • Sudden urge to get my TRS-80 out of my parents' attic. Not sure why. Wonder if it would still turn on. #
  • Just purchased my first Kindle book ($9.99 seemed high, but convenient) for my iPod Touch, and loaded free epubs into the Touch app Stanza. #
  • Local college radio just played lengthy set of Buddy Holly. On our rattly "earthquake-kit" radio, it seemed broadcast from the past. #
  • Watching blockbusters on a small television. #
  • Got a little microphone for my iPod Touch, meaning I can now fiddle with Curtis (the granular-synth tool) and RjDj, among other audio-games. #
  • The Joy of Cron: Watching the #lastfm weekly faves pop up simultaneously for numerous people I follow via Twitter. #

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