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Many producers, Brian Eno among them, have spoken about how they essentially literally test-drive recordings-in-progress by putting them on cassette tape and trying them out in their car. The idea is to hear the audio not as massive, professional studio speakers will play the music, but as the sub-average listening experience would be.

That’s not quite what Taylor Deupree had in mind when he stuck the recording device out the window of his car, and played a recent work (MP3). It is, instead, a peek into Deupree’s sound-world, the latest (as of July 27) of his year-long 2009 project, One Sound Each Day (12k.com/onesoundeachday).

Other recent treats include the percussive textures of “pebbles rolling down slides made of barrels, and pebbles hitting flagpoles” (MP3), “outdoor ambience” (MP3), and — for it is a given that these recordings are not all ends unto themselves, but raw materials for Deupree’s own experimental electronic music — what he describes as “a clicking noise outside that i thought would make a nice incidental sound in a song” (MP3).

[audio:http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/july/july_27_2009.mp3|titles=”July 27 2009″|artists=Taylor Deupree] [audio:http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/july/july_26_2009.mp3|titles=”July 26 2009″|artists=Taylor Deupree] [audio:http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/july/july_24_2009.mp3|titles=”July 24 2009″|artists=Taylor Deupree] [audio:http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/july/july_23_2009.mp3|titles=”July 23 2009″|artists=Taylor Deupree]

More at 12k.com/onesoundeachday.

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  1. i have been enjoying taylor’s daily recordings so much. i started a thing-a-day blog too. it is a fantastic way to stimulate creativity.

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