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  • Gym music: all that equipment noise, cycled through @rjdj — and then the new Vladislav Delay. #
  • Probably last human on Earth to see 2nd Transformers movie. Sound design is insane: dense as Moulin Rouge!, but all industrial noise. #
  • Bruce Sterling — @bruces — has anointed an object with a story for @significobs #
  • Enjoying new Vladislav Delay album Tummaa. Pretty much first non-generative music I've listened to this week. Been deep in @rjdj on my iPod. #
  • If you Twitter it's #followfriday: sound artist @christofmigone & interactive app @rjdj — latter getting cool upgrade: #
  • Luggage Store Gallery tonight: Laptops, drums, more. #
  • Evening sounds: computer buzzing, distant typing, fridge hum, laundry next door (way muffled), minimal car and bus activity… #
  • Embarking on daily bus ride. Wanna hear new Vladislav Delay but will end up enjoying transformed environmental sounds through @rjdj again. #
  • Finally getting stuff uploaded to flickr, mostly tagged "soundart": #
  • Do musicians need Twitter (& the like) to survive? We're discussing @missrouge's Whuffie book & @doctorow's original: #
  • RIP, George Russell (b. 1923), third-steam jazz magnet and magnate: #
  • Back from @classicalrev show. Cool organization, dropping classical acts into unlikely venues. Heard some Telemann, had a beer. #
  • Tonight out in San Francisco's Richmond District, @classicalrev is playing a classical show at Bazaar Cafe. Wonder what's on the program. #
  • Great San Francisco gallery New Langton is in financial trouble. Details, and an opportunity to pitch in, at #
  • Group discussion of book Whuffie Factor (about social capital) by @missrouge at We're applying it to the arts. #
  • RIP, Merce Cunningham (b. 1919): RT @saraivry #
  • Morning sounds: foghorns and ice cubes, hard drive and garbage truck. #
  • Did a fresh OS reinstall on my five-year-old laptop, and now it's all speedy. Imagine that. #
  • Thanks to @michaelgregoire & @eleventhvolume & Prehab, I know to look at bottom of the iTunes screen for album's length when it's selected. #
  • Stupid question of the day: How does one view in iTunes the overall length of a given album? #
  • When I wake to see two hourly @oblique_chirps in a row, I realize I don't follow enough Twitter accounts on the other side of the world. #
  • While I reset my wireless router another round of The @rhawtin Drinking Game began. He's already played AGA (& REM?). My money on Alva Noto. #

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