Top 10 Posts from July

Seven of the top 10 most viewed posts this past month were from the Disquiet Downstream section, one more than had been the case in June.

These range, in increasing popularity, from (1) Michael Bross‘s edits of field recordings of subways, to (2) a post commemorating the death of Danielle Baquet-Long (of the duo Celer), to (3) Alan Morse Davies‘s reworking of a 1936 recording of “Gloomy Sunday,” to (4) the textured cyberdread of 2methylBulbe1ol (aka French producer Nicolas Druoton), to (5) a found item by artist Steve Roden (a vinyl recording of the Great Stalacpipe Organ), to (6) Grassy Knoll‘s momentum-driven classic-rock mashup, to (7) percussive drones (whether or not that seems like an oxymoron) by Glenn Ryszko.

Rounding out the top 10, (8) a description of an art exhibit in Dortmund Germany, about ghost stories (with contributions by Tim Hecker and Scanner, among others), (9) a series of images of a giant microphone making its way around town, and (10) one particular week’s collected posts (with comments about the sound of sparking-wine riddling, Michael Mann‘s recent Public Enemies, and the eighth Parker novel, as well as an entry in my ongoing “The @rhawtin Drinking Game,” in which you try to guess what Richie Hawtin is going to DJ next, since he lists his track titles live via his Twitter account).

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