RIP, Dani Baquet-Long of Celer (MP3 Album)

News spread today of the death of one half of the talented duo Celer: Danielle Baquet-Long, more commonly known as Dani, wife of Will Long, the group’s other half. A post was made at the Celer website,, this morning at 9:33 AM by Will, reporting the terribly sad news. It’s been less than a month since I’d written about Celer here. They’d contributed a remix to a collection of songs by Electricwest, and of the 11 mixes, it was theirs I’d singled out for streaming and download — Celer had taken a minimal track titled “Goddess” and shredded it to something all the more dire, all the more minimal, and all the more intoxicating (

A prolific group, Celer also appeared on the list of Disquiet readers’s favorite albums of 2008 (, and at the tail end of last year, the first time (to my recollection) I had ever written about them, they’d produced a sound-art work based on a glass house formerly inhabited by George Orwell (

Not long ago, Celer launched a space at to stream and provide downloads of some of their work. The most recent free download there is an elegantly eerie five-track collection, titled Elias, which dates from November of last year. Each track is an ethereal drone, a seemingly light thing made of surprisingly dense details, lines of sound that appear fragile from a distance but prove sinewy and complex up close. The opening track, “Untitled 1,” plays like one long unresolved chord (MP3). It’s an excellent introduction to their work.

[audio:|titles=”1 Untitled”|artists=Celer]

The loss of Dani is a sudden one, but she leaves behind an enormous amount of music to inspire others. More on the duo at and

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