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  • Saturday morning sounds: hard drives, paper shuffling, refrigerator. #
  • Just noticed the September 2009 issue of @dwell singles out the Technics SL-1200 turntable as a prime example of good, longstanding design. #
  • If you Twitter it's #followfriday: Texan exotica beatcrafter @dbernalmusic & legendary musician @ryuichisakamoto — also in 日本語 @skmt09 #
  • Morning sounds: shower, hard drive, plane. Nothing like summer fog to blanket and muffle noises. Always odd when there's fog but no foghorn. #
  • If there isn't already an 8-bit electro-pop cover band called the Molly Ringtones, today would be a good day to form one. #
  • Video of Alva Noto v. Japanese vending machine bleeds from mundane into magically mechanical and back — RT @djrupture #
  • RIP, director John Hughes, multiplex-DJ of my adolescence: #
  • Was more excited by Radiohead tribute to Harry Patch when I thought it was for Harry Partch: #
  • New Buddha Machine”“like loop box, with gothy overtones, literally and figuratively: — RT @buddhamachine #
  • Afternoon sounds: footsteps, laughter, printer, techno*, traffic, typing. *Techno from CD boombox on chest of cyclist outside window. #
  • It's my birthday, & pretty much the only thing I want/need is someone to make USB (or Bluetooth) keyboards work with Android phones. #
  • House next door is for sale. New neighbors, new sounds. #
  • Don't think any scifi I read when I was young correctly predicted just how much scifi there'd be in the future. #
  • RIP, rapper Baatin (b. Titus Glover, 1974), of the great Slum Village: — RT @whyarcka #
  • Entrance to King Tut exhibit at @deyoungmuseum is tomb-quiet, except for a dozen audio-tour devices, all whispering slightly out of sync. #

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