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  • My two favorites @mocalosangeles: Christian Marclay's 16-channel video & Ai Weiwei's 10-plus video #
  • Checking out the "social network" Firefox plug-in @yoono. So far, so good. Definitely saves on simultaneous screens/tabs. Kinda elegant. #
  • Saturday morning sounds: this early, it's just the fridge through one wall, and the hard drive below me. Maybe geese, a bus, or a car soon. #
  • Video of augmented audio on a train — great example of why the iPhone app @rjdj is so great: RT @rjdj @revdancatt #
  • Best description of "feedback" I've read recently was in an article not about sound but about economics: ( #
  • Listening to a Basic Channel compilation, which I could easily have been convinced, while cross Market Street, was in fact @rjdj in action. #
  • Nice morning audio synchronism: geese commuting overhead, just as the electric toothbrush sounds its didgeridoo wail. #
  • Realizing that the Tuesday air-raid siren here in San Francisco must emanate from a spot much closer to where I work than to where I live. #
  • Yow — Joan La Barbara is among the musicians at this year's San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, September 16 – 19: #
  • Field recordists & phonographers, @alexismadrigal has started a locative-sound project @HearThisWorld and #
  • Afternoon sounds: typing, voices below, footsteps, printer buzz, distant & limited traffic, air plane, a dozen hard drives in choral unison. #
  • Just listened to my own house. Put AC/DC on stereo; went to showing at house next door. Couldn't hear a thing. Realtor said, "Rock out." #
  • Sunday morning sounds: foghorns, hard drives, and the continued silence of the uninhabited single-family home next door. #
  • Said the good reverend at tonight's wedding, "The language of love is silence." #

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