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  • Listening to Breakbeat Era's Ultra-Obscene on vinyl while tidying cable spaghetti in my office. How is this album already a decade old? #
  • This so-called "dry lightning" over San Francisco is insane. The house just rattled like a big bass drum in some sludge-metal song. #
  • Story hed from today's @nytimes uninformed, obnoxious, or both: "At Last, Artists Harness the Internet" At last? #
  • Crazy bright light flashes over San Francisco at 4am while foghorns drone. Straight outta Close Encounters. Lightning storm? #
  • Someday soon, I'm gonna go to a chamber music concert, and listen to the whole thing through @rjdj #
  • Friday morning sounds: foghorns out in force. #
  • Excellent in empty office to not be at all confused to hear cute melody emanate from someone's cellphone buried deep in an unseen handbag. #
  • Man, Ennio Morricone to conduct his own work at the Hollywood Bowl? This may require a trip to Los Angeles: #
  • Glad iTunes 9 includes liner notes. Wondering if the ones I did for the Nina Simone: Nina Sings Nina album I compiled will be part of this. #
  • Morning listen: an interview with Italian prog-rock group Goblin about scoring Dario Argento's art-horror flicks: #
  • Uploaded my first @audioboo field recording (of a ceiling fan), inspired by the @hearthisworld project of @alexismadrigal #
  • One of the great things in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds is hearing music out of context, especially Ennio Morricone score cues. #
  • While shopping for oven, thought of a guy in junior high who named his RPG character Electrolux. I'd laughed. Others hated the anachronism. #
  • Seems meaningful/fitting that the opening of Miles Davis's "Freddie Freeloader" covered on Kind of Bloop compilation sounds like Steely Dan. #
  • Installing all of Ableton Live 8's libraries seems to take longer than installing Windows 7. #

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