One-Week-Only Stones Throw Beep Track Collection (MP3s)

No preview track to stream of the new Koushik, and yes it’s the second Stones Throw mention here this week (Monday’s was a two-part MP3 by Oh No, all hip-hop-ified Ethiopian pop samples: The Koushik is a free-for-a-week download, hence the urgency of this notification. The tracks range in length from 22 seconds to just under two minutes. It’s called Beep Tape, and it’s two and a half dozen diversely blippy sample-ready chucks of sonic source material. There’s bubbling bass, tambourine, and blaxploitative effects (track 9), heady Fourth World electro (track 5), monster vocoded dank techno (track 21), and much much more. The work overall has a much less gritty old-school feel than what generally emanates from Stones Throw’s basement empire. Clock’s ticking. Get it now (download: ZIP archive).

More on Koushik (aka Ontario-based Koushik Ghosh) at and

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