Processed Mexican Jumping Bean MP3

The tones are soothing, but there’s something about the rhythm, something about the way the different elements arrive, how the gentle motion and exotica-ready tune go in and out like a rocker that’s slightly off kilter. This is “Lupita,” a great new song credited to Jumping Beans and .tape. — .tape. (yes, lower case, with bookending periods) being a musician who’s handy with using external triggers to launch sound samples, and the jumping beans being exactly that: three so-called Mexican jumping beans, whose unpredictable action is used by .tape. to initiate the samples (MP3).

The jumping-bean mode seems especially appropriate for this release, since the song in question popped up this past weekend, out of the blue, on the RSS feed of the great netlabel Yo Yo Pang (visitable directly at The reason for the surprise was that Yo Yo Pang, which specializes in single-song releases, hadn’t made a peep since October of 2008.

[audio:|titles=”Lupita”|artists=Jumping Beans and .tape]

Though the song works well on its lonesome, there’s a video of the beans in action at Screen shot below — that’s the laptop running the receptive software to the left, and the little dish with the Mexican jumping beans to the right:

More details at More on the human part of the recording group at

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