Taylor Deupree’s Sound-a-Day Project (MP3s)

The year is slowly coming to its end, and with it all manner of “[X] per day” projects, which seem to proliferate on the Internet. One such endeavor is the One Sound Each Day venture by musician and label owner Taylor Deupree. His little instances of sound have been the subject of Downstream entries in the past, most recently back in mid-August (disquiet.com). Among his October entries are field recordings and studio experiments. These four are among the month’s most quiet, and I’ve sequenced them here as a little suite, to allow for an extended listening experience. It opens and closes with “real world” sounds, one constructed (an airport games arcade: MP3) and one of nature (leaves being rustled: MP3), with two studio improvisations in between (a simple gamelan bell instrument: MP3; a loop of harmonium: MP3) — despite which differences in sourcing, all have a fragility that, when investigated, reveals endless audio details.

[audio:http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/october/oct_05_2009.mp3,http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/october/oct_02_2009.mp3,http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/october/oct_01_2009.mp3,http://www.12k.com/onesoundeachday/october/oct_12_2009.mp3|titles=”games arcade”,”gamelan bell instrument”,”harmonium”,”leaves”|artists=Taylor Deupree,Taylor Deupree,Taylor Deupree,Taylor Deupree]

Visit the project at 12k.com/onesoundeachday.

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