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  • Also plotting future MP3 Discussion Group topics. Suggestions welcome, certainly. #
  • Listening to foghorns. Imagining they guard our neighborhood, with Sutro Tower taking the other flank. #
  • Joe Carnahan directing remakes of Bunny Lake Is Missing and of A-Team. Please tell me Cliff Martinez does the score at least for Bunny Lake. #
  • The quantitative pleasures of ebooks: I am 45.2497952497953% of the way through Jonathan Lethem's new novel, Chronic City. #
  • Google apps I use continuously: Reader, Calendar, search, Tasks, Contacts. … Often: YouTube. … A little: Docs. … Rarely: Gmail, Wave. #
  • RIP, composer Victor Mizzy (b. 1916), goth hero for having composed Addams Family theme. (Also, a heap of Don Knotts flicks.) #
  • @sublamp Thanks for the ramen tip. I usually go to Daikokuya when I'm in L.A., and I'll check out Orochan next time. in reply to sublamp #
  • Got a Google Voice invite, but what I'd really appreciate is a Twitter Lists invite. #
  • The ramen tonight at Katana-ya was good, but I'd like to enjoy the illusion that "spicy" means more than a tablespoon of Sriracha hot sauce. #
  • We're doing a group-listen of the recent Gentleman Losers album, Dustland, over at #
  • Back from APE. The first Alternative Press Expo in awhile at which I didn't stumble upon some homemade beats/atmosphere/sound-collage CDR. #

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