Iranian Electronica by Sohrab (MP3)

The Iranian musician Sohrab keeps a sparse MySpace page, at There’s little more contextual information at the record label Touch, whose “Touch Radio” sublabel has this past week released a generous, free download — just one single, nearly 100-MB file (over 42 minutes in length), with the names of the individual tracks it collectively comprises (nine total), and details on when (this month), where (in Teheran), and how it was recorded: The rest is left up to our ears. Sohrab’s is at first a spacious music, a steady stream of cloudlike sonic formations that go through a variety of transformations — there are moments of rough effects, but the foundation, so to speak, remains the same: ethereal, lingering puffs of lightly dispersed audio (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Tanhayi — Live in Teheran”|artists=Sohrab]

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