Tennessee Dronescape (MP3)

Drones, straight outta Tennessee. Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to be exact. That’s where Patrick Singleton and Frank Baugh hail from. Together, they go by the Old Rig, which may or may not refer to their collective interest in older synthesizers. In our current moment of laptop music, in which emulated synths are very much the norm, the simple fact that both Singleton and Baugh would choose to load up their Roland JP-8000 and Juno-6, respectively, is a point of distinction. Combine those tools with what they describe, loosely, as tape loops, effects, and “real instruments,” and you get a heady stew of murky dronescapes. The duo recorded a half-hour set recently for the always excellent Phoning It In podcast, for which musicians literally perform live on the radio (KDVS FM, which later makes the show available as an MP3) via the phone. The result is a dark, clanging journey through a reverberant metallic landscape — as if Richard Serra had designed a haunted house.

[audio:http://www.phoningitin.net/files/shows/KDVS/2009/The%20Old%20Rig%20%20-%20Phoning%20It%20In%2010_23_09.mp3|titles=”Live on KDVS October 23 2009″|artists=The Old Rig]

More details at phoningitin.net.

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