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  • Created my first Twitter list: #
  • Weird sensation: blog you once subscribed to via RSS disappeared long ago; URL revived by someone else; and the old RSS feed comes alive. #
  • Girl Talk more entertaining if my brain stopped attempting to identify every sample. Also if it was more dense. (The music, not my brain.) #
  • Afternoon listening: DJ Zedvantz's seasonal "Death Mix" — Johnny Cash + breakbeats, plus Kid Koala, Jel, & more: #
  • Sounds of the night: The slow screech as bus entirely took the driver-side mirror off of my (parked) car. Streets of San Francisco, indeed. #
  • RIP, landscape architect Lawrence Halprin (b. 1916), husband of John Cage collaborator and choreographer Anna Halprin. #
  • Happiness is the DJ Krush / Toshinori Kondo album played through a Kaoss Pad's random filter, the BPM matched to half a given track's pulse. #
  • Flickr "soundart" tag been great lately: bird + LPs / ice records / Aernoudt Jacobs #
  • Spent much of the day with the new Tony Allen / Jimi Tenor album of contemporary Afrobeat on repeat. #
  • RIP, Maryanne Amacher (b. 1943): installation artist, Tzadik Records act, Ars Electronica winner: #

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