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  • Evening sounds: footsteps, bus, house rattle due to bus, hard drives, refrigerator, airplane, bum fluorescent bulb. #
  • ♫ Afternoon audio-stream: Grateful Dead (yes, the Dead) at their most spacey/experimental, titled "Infrared Roses": #
  • Reading about composer Carl Stone in the 11/9 New Yorker — part of a story about LA-trotting chowhound Jonathan Gold: #
  • ♫ Audiostreams for the afternoon: sneak listen to excerpts from forthcoming @robinrimbaud 'Conversations with the Dead': #
  • RIP, Albert Elms (b. 1920), film & TV composer (notably for the trippy Patrick McGoohan thriller series The Prisoner): #
  • ♫ Afternoon free audio-stream: a 10-minute exercise in glitchy dub from DJ Erase (aka Daniel Troberg): #
  • A: "The hum of time." Q: What did Nabokov's unpublished work need to survive before his son felt it was publishable: #
  • Morning sounds, post-sleep/pre-wake: muffled helicopter coming by from distance resembles, for extended time, an off-kilter foghorn. #
  • MP3 Discussion Group: Is new John (Ultravox) Foxx & Robin (Cocteau Twins) Guthrie album shoegazeriffic or too new-agey? #
  • Morning sounds, in sequence: alarm (ancient-school hip-hop), alarm (snooze-breeze r&b), refrigerator, garbage truck. #
  • Morning sounds: hard drives, shower, free MP3 of Jack Dangers remix of Terry Riley's "In C" — via @richard_kadrey: #
  • Gym music: a whole lot of Stones Throw Beat Battle renditions. #
  • In the mail today, three albums: one LP, one 7", one CD — what year is it? #

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