Images of the Week: Sound Art via Flickr

For all the utility of, the image-sharing community, it seems far too frequent that images are posted there with all rights reserved. The sound-art tag is a great way to track experiments with audio, and when I come across an image of special resonance on Flickr, I usually go through the process of contacting the poster of the image, obtaining consent to post the image, and only then doing so. Sometimes this correspondence can take weeks. The past week was a particularly rich one for the sound-art tag, and so here are a few (blind, as it were) links to the images:

BoyWithAProblem (aka Tristan Louth-Robins) posted images of a project involving modified condenser microphone:

Troutfactory (aka Trane DeVore) posted a shot of a sound sculpture outside the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan; identification of it would be appreciated, if anyone knows who created the sculpture:

And pôlo (aka Paulo Henrique Gallian) posted a likewise not-fully-annotated image of what appears to be an indoor sound-art installation employing multiple sound emitters in São Paulo, Brazil:

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3 thoughts on “Images of the Week: Sound Art via Flickr

  1. Hi Marc —

    Thanks for posting that link to my shot of Florian Claar’s great “Klangfeld Nr.3 fur Alina” piece. Sorry that I haven’t posted shots at creative commons works, but I upload a lot of shots of friends, bands, and friends in bands and I’m not sure they’d appreciate their images becoming widely distributed on sites to which they have no direct connection.

    As far as my images are concerned, however, I generally let people use them if they ask, and that goes for you as well. I’m usually pretty prompt in my replies to requests. And, just so you know, I will be uploading a few more shots of the Florian Claar piece, and when I do you can feel free to post them, even without asking me first.

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