Akira Rabelais Holiday Ghosts MP3

Non-denominational holiday music — Akira Rabelais‘s contribution to that growing field is available for free download through Christmas (MP3). The track is a mix of material that originated on his album Spellewauerynshere, which was a set of processed renditions of recordings of traditional Icelandic vocal music released a few years back on David Sylvian’s label, Samadhisound. The originals were reportedly haunting unto themselves, and in Rabelais’s hands they’re turned into ghost images — haunting wisps heard at a remove, and almost lost in the wind, all of which lends them an exaggerated sense of endangerment and fragility. They’re perhaps as close to an aura as you’re likely to hear this season.

[audio:http://ambientblog.podbean.com/mf/web/s6pjv4/AkiraRabelais-_Cristmasse.mp3|titles=”Lupita”|artists=Akira Rabelais]

More on the release at ambientblog.podbean.com.

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