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  • Starting 15 days off in a row — reading, writing, exercising, socializing, and headed to L.A. for a spell: Mexican food & art galleries. #
  • Weather forecast for Saturday night looks free of rain, perfect for Unsilent Night. Would it be wrong to bring along a Buddha Machine? #
  • To follow up reacquainting myself with Son of Bazerk's 1991 debut album, now playing Basehead's 1991 debut album, 'Play with Toys' (Emigre). #
  • Monolake's new album, Silence, is the subject of our latest MP3 Discussion Group: #
  • Looks like Improvised Music from Japan 2009 (3 CDs) is shipping in a few days: #
  • Wow — it was 13 years ago today (December 13) that I purchased the URL, and shortly thereafter launched the site. #
  • One of my fave records from college, Nicolas Collins' Devil's Music, now on CD with software that lets you emulate his live-sampling genius. #
  • Updated iPhone app Trope by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers reportedly includes "improved 'Listen Mode.'" Update hit two days ago, Dec. 10. #
  • ♫ Saturday morning listening: a half-hour live improvisation by Lance Grabmiller: A slowly blossoming tone. #

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