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  • RIP, Dannie Flesher (age 58), Wax Trax Records (Ministry, Underworld, Meat Beat, KMFDM) cofounder, industrial patron: #
  • ♫ Afternoon audio-stream: Gill Arno's eerily still field-recording soundwork courtesy of @soundwalk: #
  • Darn good (and long) list of artists/inventors who work at the intersection of art and science: (from #
  • Noticed in last night's flashbacky episode of Fringe that "clairaudience" wasn't originally in show's opening-credits extrasensory litany. #
  • Morning sounds: no dogs, no cars, no planes, no birds, the rare bus, the neighbor's laundry, the siren hum of the hard drive. #
  • Off to Fillmore, 2nd concert of 2010: Cake, whose John McCrea wrote great sound-minded lyrics for Kinky's "Headphonist" #
  • I miss the live cams of the Finnish-Russian border crossings. They all seem to have long since gone dead. #

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