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  • Please Retweet and Sign this Petition 'Make Apple allow audio file sharing for music apps' – #
  • Oh, if you purchase budget earbuds with "extended bass support," that means you end up having to use the reduced-bass setting on your iPod. #
  • Currently playing in the kitchen: Chamber Trio for Drip Coffee, Cooling Stainless Steel Kettle, and Fluorescent Bulb (Adagissimo). #
  • Starting to get "All Summer in a Day"/"The Long Rain" feeling. When home not sure background noise is precipitation or radio/TV on static. #
  • I'd really like to hear a Cake song remixed by Giuseppe Ielasi, especially based on "03" off his Aix album. #
  • My Village Voice Pazz & Jop ballot: Same as my year-end top 10 but you can click thru to see who also liked the albums. #
  • Does the rain amplify or otherwise funnel the sound of sirens, or is there just that much emergency activity during a downpour? #
  • Bought new, inexpensive earbuds (with mic). Cord is fabric, like from old lamp or iron. Thus flexible; less prone than plastic to cracking. #
  • Major thunder over San Francisco — thick, deep Ten Commandments thunder. #
  • Definite incongruity between the birdsong-based field recordings playing inside, and the bird-less, rain-ready skies outside. #
  • Belated RIP, musician Walter J. Carpenter (b. 1982), aka wwcarpen, aka aghost, passed away November 2009. Legacy site: #
  • Found iPhone. Went to Apple store to get it back to its owner. Genius-bar guy says, "Sure you don't wanna keep it? Goes for a lot on eBay." #
  • Bill Fontana environmental sound-art piece at @sfmoma today — but will the free admission make it too difficult to get in? #

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