Open Source Guitar Remixes at Freesound (MP3s)

Someday, the “Remix! tree” section of the site will get a proper upgrade, one that will organize the ever-growing number of original sound recordings and subsequent versions thereof into something manageable, understandable, more easily consumable.

In the meanwhile, one watches the open-source, community-produced list grow in length, and one searches for recent updates — new versions of old sounds.

Among the more recent is a series of renditions of a guitar sound, the initial (the fount, the source) rustic in its resonance (by Freesound member Benboncan), the subsequent two experiments in audio manipulation (by Freesound member Timbre) slowing then speeding, in various manners, to its creator’s imagination:

[audio:|titles=”Steel Body Guitar Tuning 3″|artists=Benboncan]

[audio:|titles=”Steel guitar (pitch shfted) 48KHz”|artists=Timbre]

[audio:|titles=”Steel guitar (pitch-shfted_reverbed_compressed) 48KHz”|artists=Timbre]

More on the files as follows: original (, take one (, take two (

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