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  • 500 locked grooves, each 2 seconds long. Impact lost a bit in transition from vinyl to batch-MP3, but so be it: #
  • New thinking: Apple gets fee for all paid software installed on its mobile OS, but only Microsoft doing this will get people to give a hoot. #
  • Old thinking: Microsoft makes touch-screen computers, but only when Apple makes one will enough people really give a hoot. #
  • Saturday morning sounds: deep bass of plane passing overhead, tinny ringing in ears, soft whir of hard drive. #
  • Music apps for iPhone that should be even better on iPad: JR Hexatone, Touch DJ, & all the Monome/Tenori-style grid sequencers. #
  • Forthcoming Don DeLillo novel, Point Omega, apparently opens and closes with a character staring at a Douglas Gordon video, 24 Hour Psycho. #
  • RIP, Soho Crime publisher Laura Chapman Hruska (b. 1935), in thanks for among many novels Seicho Matsumoto's Inspector Imanishi Investigates #
  • Writing often on music using pre-existing music as material, you say "rendition" a lot, & sense how its meaning has shifted in recent years. #
  • Beat poet Gary Snyder loves his laptop: "Because its keys click like hail on a boulder" "I throw it a scrap and it hums" #
  • Reminded that (1) "sun shower" is not an oxymoron and (2) museum-lecture podcasts were designed for use during house-cleaning. #

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