oVdk & Bunk Data: Discourse of the Other (MP3s)

Dread is rarely as efficient, as sacrosanct, and as suggestive as it is on Discourse of the Other, a collaborative seven-cut album by oVdk and Bunk Data. The record is a sequence of stark gray audio, tracks of manipulated voices (along with other sonic material) that strain to be comprehended. In “Feel Thier Präcoxgefuhl,” the constricted neigh of a horse is more understandable than anything uttered by the muffled minions heard throughout; the hushed voices sound like rough, chaotic crowds — bringing to mind the rushing mall-like prisons of THX-1138, or the nightmarish totalitarian society of 1984 (MP3). By contrast, “Flight of the Yameil Jyuravli” has a serenity to it, but it’s a serenity whose prevailing mode is that of resoluteness — it’s the serene in stark contrast to the prevailing world; the tones are attenuated, the feeling that of ritual atonement, but it’s shot through with tension and a feeling of foreboding (MP3).

[audio:http://www.darkwinter.com/dw066/dw066-oVdk%26Bunk_Data-02-Feel_thier_Pr%e4coxgefuhl.mp3|titles=”Feel Thier Präcoxgefuhl”|artists=oVdk & Bunk Data] [audio:http://www.darkwinter.com/dw066/dw066-oVdk%26Bunk_Data-05-Flight_of_the_Yameil_Jyuravli.mp3.mp3|titles=”Flight of the Yameil Jyuravli”|artists=oVdk & Bunk Data]

Those are just two of the album’s seven tracks. Full release at darkwinter.com. More on oVdk at usyugana.hp.infoseek.co.jp, and on Bunk Data at bunkdata.com.

7 thoughts on “oVdk & Bunk Data: Discourse of the Other (MP3s)

  1. THX-1138 is great movie which did deal with about totalitarian (kanryo) society . But about “Feel Thier Präcoxgefuhl,” it sounds like cyberpunk blade runner buzz. let me know what you think. we can get track06 also totalitarian nsk propaganda.yep,oVdk & Bunk Data rules..

  2. It seems The Discourse always belong to only the power such as Hittler ,stalin,Rockefeller,recently Google, microsoft, etc. Artwork seems created through neo-dada technique with various famous motif such as malevich,bacon,etc. Track 01 – Distant Refraction &Track 02 – Feel thier Pracoxgefuhl ; Soon we recognise profound Dark drone of bunkdata style..Then 2019 L.A. motely crowds must breakup with thier Pracoxgefuhl like its cinema . Track 03 – Syntactic Incoherence (Butsumetsu) Sinister male voice with twist ambintal sonic might made us psyco-mentally ill . Track 04 – Why Not Sneeze Kangrinboqe? ; It remember us Why Not Sneeze Rose Selavy? 1921. But you can hear sanct tibetan monks pay thier respect to Mt.Kangrinboqe Nobody can succeed in reaching top. Track 05 – Flight of the Yameil Jyuravli (russian Sick crane) is most musical one,we think.it got eno style with xoomei. Track 06 – Viscous Self Found in a Vacant Space -starts with subtle long black dark drone into totalitalian address and female Vacant twitter and last finish with preseque rien /old female lullaby. Track 07 – Un stazion Centaur (On the Night of the Kentauru Fesitval) starts with calm conversation between Giovanni & kanpanerula on the Train through universe and with moderate ocean-like glitch . The latter stuff seems like realtime raptop live perfomance, very subtle dense.

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